Principal's Message

Principal's Message

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is the fastest growing, job creating industry in the world. With annual revenue approaching $ 500 billion, over 200 million people are directly or indirectly employed in Tourism and Hospitality segment. According to World Tourism Organization the industry creates a new post every 10 minutes. Tourism is the single largest industry in the world, which will accommodate one fifth of the total manpower employment of the whole world by the end of 2011.

In India too the industry is on the high roll. World Tourism Organization has identified India as one of the largest tourist growth centers in the coming decade. India is also the largest employment creation country, only next to China. The Indian Hotel market is already generating serious interest from international operators and hotel developers. After key events like the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and the cricket world cup in 2011 the demand for trained and skilled manpower in the field of Hospitality and Tourism has nearly doubled.

This is an exciting time for the hospitality industry, a time that has recently seen unprecedented growth and opportunities for advancement. With future projected growth being highly favorable, both domestically and internationally, the outlook for someone eyeing the field of hospitality management is indeed bright.

Hospitality industry contributes the major portion of the Tourism Industry. Where ever people go they need two things FOOD and LODGING and the Hospitality Industry caters to these two basic needs. The Hospitality Industry is growing at a very rapid pace and the global scenario is changing. In this scenario, the demand for high caliber, well-educated and trained professionals will far outstrip the supply.

The Industry needs trained and efficient workforce for the effective running of their organizations. The employment opportunity in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry is vast. Properly trained and skilled persons have a wide range of opportunity to work in the sectors like hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, railways, airlines, ships, industrial houses, fast food outlets, community centers, work as faculty in the various Hotel Management Institutes and many more. To work in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry team work is essential, one has to be physically fit, disciplined, polite, smart, well groomed, punctual, and have a good understanding of hygiene and sanitation. In the modern world one has to be properly educated, computer knowledge and fluency in English is a must. In the Tourism and Hotel Industry we must remember the 6 S, which are SERVICE, SINCERITY, SKILL, SMARTNESS, SPEED and SMILE.

We hope that the hospitality programmes offered by GNIHM will be of great interest, fit your profile and provide you with a lifetime career.

With best wishes from

Xavier Gomes