Top Culinary Arts Courses in India after 12th

Top Culinary Arts Courses in India after 12th

Culinary arts refer to the art of food preparation, cooking, and presentation. People who work in this area are known as chefs, cooks, and culinary artists. A professional degree in culinary arts will help you enhance your culinary skills and ensure your success as a dynamic culinary artist.

Top culinary arts courses in India

Culinary Arts courses deal with the study of preparation and presentation of food in the most appealing manner.  Expert chefs must understand food science, nutrition, and diet to present meals that are as appealing to the eye as they are to the plate. You can enroll in a variety of culinary arts courses in India. Bachelor’s degree courses in culinary arts comprise 3 years, available in general as well as specialization forms.

If you are looking for specialization courses in culinary arts, The Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management (GNIHM) is the best for you. The institute offers a three-year full-time professional program BA in international culinary arts. The course involves a comprehensive study of the fundamental and advanced skills required for a career in the culinary world.

Culinary arts course hones culinary skills and provides students with a solid leadership foundation. Students are trained on different aspects of food right from preparation to the presentation. Specific areas of study include butchery, chopping, food safety, nutrition, menu planning, visual presentation, manufacture of food items, and many others.

Eligibility criteria

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to enroll in BA in international culinary arts courses:

  • Students must have a passing certificate from a recognized board in the 10+2 or equivalent examination.
  • Candidates from any discipline are welcome to apply for the BA in international culinary arts program.

Top colleges for culinary arts in India after 12th

Getting a degree from a hotel management college will be incredibly valuable in learning how to become a professional culinary artist. Several colleges in India offer hotel management courses to prepare you for a career as a professional culinary artist. The Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management is the leading culinary arts college in Kolkata which hones your culinary skills and prepares you for a prosperous future in this profession.

The institute provides an in-depth study of different recipes, ingredients, and cooking methods from different cultures. Students are trained to use various tools known as culinary or kitchen utensils in preparing food. The institute develops students’ experimental skills so that they can come up with new concepts and present new recipes. The institute also develops students’ creative skills to create novel cuisine that will impress their guests.

So, through faculty guidance and hands-on training, students are helped in mastering the skills required to become professional culinary artists.

Jobs of culinary artists

A culinary artist is in charge of the hotel or restaurant kitchen. Preparing menus, working with ingredients, introducing dishes, and plating food are the dynamic duties that come with being a culinary artist. No set rule must be followed to become a culinary artist other than commitment and hard work!

With the hospitality industry expanding at a rapid pace, qualified cooks are in high demand. GNIHM, the top culinary arts college in Kolkata, gives you the right education and skills to launch your career in the culinary arts. The institute prepares students for a variety of roles in the culinary and food service industries, including:

  • Cooks
  • Chefs
  • Sous chefs
  • Pastry chefs
  • Cooking instructors
  • Food writers
  • Food wholesalers
  • Product developers
  • Restaurant owners

Final thought

If cooking is your passion and you perceive it as an artistic endeavor, you should become a culinary artist. If you pursue BA in international culinary arts from GNIHM, your doors will be opened for a wide range of career opportunities as a successful culinary artist.